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Criterion DVD June Announcements

Ye gads, have you all seen the Criterion slate for June?! If... WR: Mysteries of the Organism Sweet Movie La Jetee & Sans Soleil  Four much sought after and often requested DVDs finally arriving and with the Criterion treatment and, in my opinion, absolutely gorgeous box art. The same month they are releasing a box set of Late Ozu films through their new Eclipse line: Early Spring, Tokyo Twilight, Equinox Flower, Late Autumn, and End of Summer are to be included. I have no idea how I will save enough money to buy all of the things I've been pre-ordering lately: Children of Men in another week or so, Twin Peaks Season 2 in April, Venture Bros Season 2 and the Jodorowsky box set (Holy Mountain, El Topo, Fando & Lis, plus soundtracks) in May. Anybody know a good pyramid scheme?