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New Releases for September 1st

TV on DVD and Blu-ray dominate the New Release list for the first day of September. The weather report doesn't look great for Labor Day weekend (FYI--We're open regular hours Monday) so plan for indoor activities with some new films and/or TV shows. STATE OF PLAY-The Last King of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald and screenwriters Billy Ray, Matthew Michael Carnahan and Tony "Michael Clayton" Gilroy used the British mini-series as a blueprint for their own film set in Washington D.C. Russell Crowe stars as a reporter sent to investigate the murder of an assistant to Representative Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck!), and once he starts digging around all kinds of intrigue and deception surface. Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, Jeff Daniels, Robin Wright Penn, Viola Davis and the always wonderful Helen Mirren co-star. It's also on Blu-ray. SIN NOMBRE- SUGAR-New film from Anna Bowden & Ryan Fleck (the writing/directing team that brought us Half Nelson) about a young and talented pitcher who leaves his home in the Dominican Republic, heads to America to play in the minor leagues and struggles to adjust and adapt to life in a small Iowa town. GOOD DICK-Hurrah! A movie that takes place IN AN ACTUAL VIDEO STORE! This indie comedy stars Jason Ritter as a humble video store employee who falls for a shy customer (the film's writer/director Marianna Palka) who spends all day watching porn. Look for Freaks & Geeks' Martin Starr as one of Ritter's co-workers. We offer many thanks to Mr. Ritter and Ms. Palka for the autographed poster currently hanging on the purple door in the New Release section. PATTON OSWALT: MY WEAKNESS IS STRONG-Here's a clip--just warning you that there's some profanity towards the end: DISNEYNATURE: EARTH-Disney's new nature documentary DVD label takes footage you'll recognize from the Planet Earth series and makes it a bit more accessible to younger viewers by giving it a more narrative structure, specifically following several animal families (including those adorable polar bears). James Earl Jones lends his voice to their stories. It's also on Blu-ray. BRING IT ON: FIGHT TO THE FINISH-Torque's Christina Milan stars in this latest straight to video installment of the cheer dynasty. HEROES: SEASON 3-Have they saved the cheerleader yet? This season includes the "Villains" and "Fugitives" volumes and is also available on Blu-ray for a higher definition appreciation of star Zachary Quinto. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: SEASON 5-Another juicy season of feuds & friendship on Wisteria Lane. I like this show but I always find myself a bit distracted by Felicity Huffman. She'll always be Dana Whitaker to me. PEOPLE LIKE US: COMPLETE SERIES-A TV show kind of like Studs Terkel's Working, but fake, British and funny. LOTS MORE TV ON DVD Battles B.C.: Season 1 Brothers & Sisters: Season 3 Clatterford: Season 2 Corner Gas: Season 6 CSI: Season 9 Designing Women: Season 2 (includes the awesome episode where the girls & their man pals (like Simon & Simon's Gerald McRaney!) get stuck in an avalanche) Eli Stone: Season 2 (final season) Everybody Hates Chris: Final Season Life With Derek: Season 2 Love Boat: Season 2 Vol. 2 Murder, She Wrote: Season 10 Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Series 2 Rescue Me: Season 5 Vol. 1 Samantha Who? Season 2 (final season) Simon & Simon: Season 3 Supernatural: Season 4 Thriller: Complete Series Vol. 2-4 For those of you racking your brains trying to remember what the Simon & Simon theme song is (like I was this morning), here ya go: A SLEW OF NEW BLU-RAY About Last Night... Bad Boy Bubby (available for sale here) Blue Thunder Braveheart (available for sale here) Chaos Children of the Corn Crusades: Crescent & The Cross Cutthroat Island Fire & Ice (Ralph Bakshi! Available for sale here) Gladiator (available for sale here) Go Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Informers Labor Pains (2008) Life After People M.A.S.H. (Altman!) My Cousin Vinny Obsessed River Runs Through It Rudo Y Cursi See No Evil Sling Blade St. Elmo's Fire (hi-def Brat Pack!) Tokyo Motor Show The Universe: Season 3 (History Channel) Visions of Britain & Ireland: England Visions of Britain & Ireland: Ireland Waterboy NEW ANIME & FAMILY Animal Planet: Hippos & Rhinos Animated Adventure Pack Triple Feature (Prince & The Pauper, Robin Hood, 3 Musketeers) Berenstain Bears: Halloween Treats! ICarly: Season 2 Vol. 1 Kaze No Stigma Vol. 2 (anime) Leap Frog: Let's Go To School Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors Smurfs: Smurfy Tales Sonny With a Chance: Vol. 1 Suite Life on Deck: Anchors Away! TMNT: Season 8 NEW DOCUMENTARIES & MUSIC & ART & PERFORMANCE ART & DANCE Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks America Wild and Wacky: Sturgis (a biker doc.) Another Tomorrow (art at Neue Galerie Graz Am Landesmuseum) Arctic Mission (5 discs!) Armed Forces: Ultimate Collection Vols. 1-6 Art Guys Present Home on the Range Art of War (History Channel) Betrayal (2007)--Oscar-nominated documentary about a family of Laotian refugees during the Vietnam War. Bike Garage Box of Disorder: Vol. 1 (all kinds of crazy biking action) Charlie Rose: Nov. 22, 2006 (Bruce Marsden interview) Council of Doom: This is Not a Fixed Gear Movie Da Vinci Detective Digital Scratching & Mixing Doing Da Vinci Easy Home Massage Eyewash 3 (electronica) Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas (performance art) Simone Forti: An Evening of Dance Constructions Frontline: Breaking the Bank Google Me-Doc. about a man who Googled his name Great Artists Two: The Collection Greatest Punk (PAL) Jisoe (PAL)-A year in the life of troubled Australian graffiti artist Justin Hughes Jonas Mekas: Walden Vols. 1-6--New to DVD, his diary-like films featuring an amazing portrait of New York's avant-garde scene in the 60s. Featuring all the usual suspects of the era, like John & Yoko, Timothy Leary, Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Mixing & Scratching (hip-hop & DJ doc.) Music Instinct: Science & Song National Geographic: Human Family Tree Nightline: Assisted Suicide Eps. 1-3 One Survivor Remembers Peter Weibel, Writer (performance art) Popular Science: Historic Film Series (old "educational" movies!) Primal Quest: Expedition Adventure Race (includes adventures in the San Juans) Rise & Fall of WCW (3 discs!) Seal's Life: Story of the Northern Elephant Seal Smithsonian Channel's War Stories Soldiers of Conscience Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash 5 & DX (Japanese game show!) Valient Thorr: In Heat (Heavy Metal!) Vietnam: Ultimate Retrospective Vol. 1-6 Visions of Wales We Built This City: New York (it's all about architecture, not Starship) Winter Soldier II Yoga For The Rest of Us: Heart Healthy Yoga Yankeeography: The Captains-I will place my loathing of the Yankees aside to tell you this is about the men who've served the team well, like Don Mattingly and Lou Gerhig (oh and I guess Derek Jeter's in there too). AND MORE... Actors and Sin (1951) America (2009) Babes in the Woods Big Iron Collection (six western movies!) Bounty (2009) Cartune Xprez 2008 (non-children's animation) Choke Canyon-1986 film starring Bo Svenson and Lance Henrkisen. The IMDb keywords include Toxic Waster, Motor Home, Stunt Pilot, Halleys Comet and Arson. Doctor Who, Story 150: Delta and the Bannermen Doctor Who, Story 88: Deadly Assassin Doctor Who, Story 94: Image of the Fendahl Dog Days (Bill Plympton animation) Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas Grindhouse Director Series: Eduardo Cemano (Millie's Homecoming and Weirdos and Oddballs) Grindhouse Hotties: Rene Bond Triple Feature (The Heist, Partnership and Rendezvous in Hell) Guns on the Clackamas (Bill Plympton animation) Gustav Braustache and the Auto-Debilitator (local movie!) Helen West Casebook (whodunit) High Noon (2009, Nora Roberts) Homeboy-Boxing film from '88 with Mickey Rourke, Christopher Walken and music by Eric Clapton Kissing Cousins (2009) Meteor (2008) Midnight Bayou Northern Lights Pure S**t (PAL Code 4)-A dark comedy following some drug addicts over a night on the streets of Melbourne, Australia in the mid-70s. Randy & The Mob Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: Set 1 Safehouse Sbemail's 50 Greatest Hits (non-children's animation) Sex on the Sunset Strip-Another grindhouse triple feature with Love Freestyle, Trapped in the House and See, Feel Me, Take Me. Toe Tactic-A mix of live-action drama and animation from Emily Hubley Tribute (2009)-made for TV movie starring Brittany Murphy & Tippi Hedren Trzeci (a Polish psychodrama) Twins Mission (Hong Kong action with Sammo Hung) Wedding Bros-comedy about two Long Island brothers who dream of making it big in the wedding video biz And of course, there are many new adult titles upstairs in the Sexploitation room... heroes3