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ATTENTION CURRENT FILM LOVERS AND FUTURE FILMMAKERS! Remember the LANGUAGUE FOR FILM intensive class on Saturday, September 19th we previously mentioned on this blog? If not, read the entry right below this one, we'll wait. . . Ok, are you back? Good, so it sounds amazing, right? Well, now thanks to Warren Etheredge himself we're going to GIVE AWAY a ticket to the class for FREE! Now you're saying to yourself, "Free? "Why, in this day and age, free is the right price for me! How do I enter?" Just dust off your keyboards and explain in 100-ish words the one thing you'd most like to understand about movies and/or movie-making. (For me it would be "How the heck does a director see all the shots in her/his head and storyboard out the entire film? I'm always amazed by that). Send your eloquent entries to along with your daytime contact information. On Monday, September 14th we'll pick a winner. Don't miss this opportunity to spend seven hours immersed in the language of film and emerge a more-informed movie goer--for FREE!