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Things you can get for FREE (or at least cheaper)

Did you know that if you're a current member of either KEXP or Henry Art Gallery, you can rent one film and get another film of equal or lesser value for FREE? Just show us your membership card and we'll do the rest. There are some restrictions, like this offer isn't available on Wednesdays (it's 2-4-1 rental day for everyone!), so just ask an employee in the store or post back here if you have any questions. We know we don't have wallet-filling membership cards you can flash around town, but there are advantages to having a rental account here at Scarecrow. If you sign up for the Henry Art Gallery's email list so you'll be informed about the great stuff going on (including the current exhibitions Elusive Signs: Bruce Nauman Works With Light, and Make Your Own Life: Artists in &out of Cologne), you'll get a FREE PASS! To sign up and get your free pass to the Henry, click HERE and write "Scarecrow" in the promo box. You'll receive an emailed pass for your free admission to their galleries. Let's say you're about to drop off your rentals and you suddenly realize you're starving. You can take advantage of some of the fabulous eating establishments around Scarecrow and take advantage of some discounts. Just show a rental (the actual dvd or tape) OR a receipt from your rental transaction (don't forget to ask for one at the time of checkout!) and you'll get: --$1 off any coffee drink or $.50 off any juice drink at Chaco Canyon Cafe --A FREE can of soda with any sandwich at The Brooklyn Grinder --FREE coffee with any entree at Wayward Cafe --$1 off any latte beverage at World Cup Espresso &Wine If hunger strikes right before you're about to see some excellent cinema at The Grand Illusion, show a Scarecrow rental or receipt and get $1 off their delicious popcorn (and don't forget to clean up after yourself no matter what Jerry Seinfeld might say). If you're enjoying a film at the Northwest Film Forum, show the Scarecrow rental/receipt and get $1 off any concession item. With all the money you can save, you'll have enough saved for that Janus box set in no time.