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David Lynch and 9/11

When David Lynch came to Seattle to present his newest film Inland Empire I had the privilege of attending a dinner with the famous director and managed a few minutes alone with the man over a smoke. He was everything I expected, not near the eccentric that one may think he would be, he had an air of confidence about him and the presence one has around someone who follows their dreams. He didn't seem very interested in the dinner party, I assume because dinner parties in his honor are most likely nothing new or perhaps he doesn't really like crowds. Now I am not a fanatic of Lynch's films but I respect his vision and ideas and the impact he has made on film history, the evening before I had watched Pretty As a Picture' to get a feel for the man and more so to see his visual art, as a visual artist myself I wanted to re-acquaint myself with his painting. I had also in some weeks before run across a story on the internet with an accompanying video about some comments David made concerning 9/11. On that show when asked about his controversial comments during the story, Lynch stated, "As far as 9/11 goes there's things we saw that conjure questions and wondering and something doesn't seem quite right so it makes us wonder and the next step is we need answers". I read the story and watched the video and was intrigued by his 'coming out' about this subject, after all he wasn't the first and I'm sure won't be the last celebrity to talk about this, think Charlie Sheen, James Brolin etc. At the dinner I noticed David getting up to go outside and smoke, so I decided that this was probably my best opportunity to talk with him. I followed him out and hit up one of his assistants for a cigarette, I don't really smoke but decided it was a good time to have one. This for me was one of those moments that kind of slows time down, it was evening in downtown Seattle, watching the reflection of lights on the road with traffic driving by making that spattering tires through water on pavement' sound as occasional raindrops were hitting us as we talked. We discussed painting and his forth coming art show in Paris, and how we admired Francis Bacon's work, agreeing his work was influential on us both. Towards the end of our cigarettes I new my time was short so decided to ask him about his comments on 9/11. He seemed interested in talking about it, somewhat guardedly though, understandably since I was a complete stranger. He reiterated some of the comments he made on the Dutch program, when asked about suggestions the American government was behind it? Lynch answered, "That's too big for people to think about. It's too big. It's like something no one wants to think about." His answers were safe, he has questions as any concerned person should, but because he doesn't have answers he does not portend to have any. I myself have been following the whole 9/11 'conspiracy' (I prefer the term 'Deep Politics', conspiracy may be true but it has too many negative connotations, lizard people, Illuminati etc.) since that fateful day 5 plus years ago, and I also have many unanswered questions about the 'official' story. To me there is so much garbage conspiracy theory out there that it most likely dissuades people form inquiring further into what really happened, but to me it is worth it to wade through the trash to find some shreds of truth. A few days after Lynch was in Seattle he went to Austin Texas and went on the Alex Jones radio program and talked more about 9/11, (David Lynch Questions 9/11 On National U.S. Radio, this link includes the Dutch video: ( One of the comments he made was "At the World Trade Center, three buildings came down, like demolitions, and two of them were hit by a plane, but the third one they said "do you want us to pull it?" and they pulled it and it looked just like the other two. Those things bother me," Well just last week another story broke in the alternative media about BBC, CNN video footage from 9/11 showing TV correspondents talking about how building 7 has already collapsed, a whole 26 minutes before it had, the truly amazing thing is the building was still standing in the background!? This was the third building to fall that day, the one supposedly pulled (controlled demolition) that Lynch was referring too. ( When looking at the evidence and hearing David Lynch talk about these questions and theories about what happened on 9/11 and when doing further research into False Flag (Government sponsored terror) operations carried out by factions within governments throughout history to alter events in the world, it reaffirms to me that the real world is as every bit surreal and strange as the worlds David Lynch creates is his films. I suspect we will find answers and some understanding to Lynch's Inland Empire long before we find answers and truth to what really happened on 9/11.