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Premiere Magazine goes out of print

Premiere Magazine, who dubbed Scarecrow Video "the coolest video store in America," will cease print publication after next month's issue. You can read the details here. Our staff member who just renewed his subscription for another three years is shaking his head. I can't find any links to the article about us that ran in the April 2001 issue, but I do have a copy of it here on my desk. They say Scarecrow is "a beacon of indie light still shining in Seattle" and mentions our "45,000 different titles." Ahh, those were the days. We're now over 90,000 strong. Opposite the article is the start of a four page advertising special for Diet Coke and the new film Bridget Jones's Diary (Renee's also on the cover). The issue also includes a look into the filming of Evolution, a report from Sundance featuring photos of Paul Franklin Dano in L.I.E. and Ryan Gosling in The Believer, a feature about how Tara Reid has "the world by the tail," a preview of Hooking up Ethan (that became Slackers), and the usual Oscar-time article about snubs and droughts. Don't worry, Mr. Scorsese, your time will come. I'm sorry to see this magazine go, but it will remain online. That's one more stop to add to your Internet rounds.