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One reason I love Scarecrow...

This morning, the first movie played in the store was a Czech sci-fi from 1963 called Icarus XB1. It takes place in the year 2163 and involves some colonists heading to a new planet who are sidetracked by aliens and other such nonsense, all to a kicky soundtrack. After that, we played the 1962 version of Mutiny on the Bounty. Why is it that until today I never noticed Richard Haydn, or Uncle Max from The Sound of Music, plays William Brown? Anyway, I just like that we can go right from cheesy Czech sci-fi to classic cinema and play the films we are excited about and want to share with our customers, as opposed to playing a clip reel ad nauseam trying to cram product into the consumers' brains. And that Scarecrow makes it a point to get films like Icarus XB1 in the first place. In conclusion: --Icarus XB1 is a PAL DVD currently in our New Release section. --Mutiny on the Bounty is in the Directors section under Lewis Milestone. --The Sound of Music should be on your DVD shelf already, but if not it's here under Robert Wise. --Hurrah for indie businesses and their patrons!