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I was just flipping through the good old Scarecrow Movie Guide and found our list of "TV Series we wish were on DVD." The list reads: Adventures of Pete and Pete, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Batman (60s series), Chic-A-Go-Go, Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, Max Headroom, Misfits of Science, The Munsters, Night Gallery, Police Squad!, Square Pegs, Superman: The Animated Series, Wild, Wild West. That was three years ago (my, how the time flies). How are we doing? Let's see: We have two seasons of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, three volumes of Superman, the first season of Night Gallery, two seasons of The Munsters, a season of Wild, Wild West, most of The Adventures of Pete and Pete and much to my delight, all six episode of Police Squad! were released last year. The astute members of The Onion AV Club suggested these, and they are absolutely correct (and they too, pine for the Caped Crusader and Max Headroom). In the category of guilty pleasures via nostalgia overload, I'd like a season or two of Head of the Class and You Can't Do That On Television (and maybe they could stage a little "video commentary" like they did for The Goonies so we can see what Alasdair looks like now). What's on your DVD TV wish list?