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What did you think about that awards show last night?

Ahh...the day is almost over and I've still got Oscar afterglow. Despite William Arnold's unimpressed take on them here, I thought the awards were much improved over last year. Of course, that may be because last year ended on such a sour note. As an associate pointed out at the end of the evening, "Yeah! A film I actually liked won Best Picture!" The post-Oscar discussion is now open. To start, here are some questions we're asking each other today: In The Departed human interpretive dance sculpture, what was the bullet? Who wears a dress with POCKETS to the Oscars, Jennifer Hudson? (Luckily, she changed into a hot red number to sing and something else entirely for the press photos). Why did Kirsten Dunst look so grumpy? Who had hair extensions? Gwyneth? Reese? Both? Neither? Did Beyonce and Jay-Z break up? (It appears so) Was Diane Keaton drunk or something? Maybe just really excited? Does Gael Garca­a Bernal look better with glasses? WHY didn't Children of Men win Best Cinematography? (though Pan's Labryinth was our second choice). Is Helen Mirren the hottest person EVER? Some of my favorite moments include: The Will Ferrell/Jack Black/John C. Reilly musical bit. Take that script about the lead poisoning, Jack! The foreign film montage introduced by Ken Watanabe and Catherine Deneuve. Side note: Who cares if people haven't seen the movies, Mr. Arnold? Maybe they'll see a clip and say, "Hey, that's looks intriguing!" and head to places like Scarecrow or The Grand Illusion or NWFF to discover films outside their usual watching circles. Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter Michael Arndt giving almost the exact same speech he did at the Spirit Awards the night before, minus the baseball cap and plus one great anecdote about a road trip he took as a kid with his family. James McAvoy presenting and then tearing up during Forest's speech. Forest's speech The Michael Mann "America" montage included a clip from Talladega Nights. Norbit didn't win!!!! Sorry, Eddie, I know you were promised an Oscar and that's why you agreed to make the film in the first place... Ennio Morricone receiving his award with his head slightly bowed, giving his speech in Italian. And of course, this. So yes, while there was no jumping over chairs or open mouth kissing of presenters and Iraq in Fragments loss, I still enjoyed the awards as a whole. What did you think? Let us know. In honor of spending a tad too much time looking at the IMDB photos today, we introduce the Scarecrow Caption Contest! Think of a good caption for this photo and this photo and post them here. We'll pick one for each that makes us giggle the most and the winners will get a prize. It will be a good prize, we promise. P.S. The Spirit Awards were much better than they have been in previous years, thanks mostly to the Best Film song tributes not sucking. The best one was Minnie Driver singing "I blew a giant toad to smithereens, I got his golden key" to Melanie's "Brand New Key" for Pan's Labyrinth and that Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps both deservedly won for the lead acting categories for Half Nelson.