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The Oscars are Sunday, February 25th, 5pm PST. Word.

The Oscars are almost here! Quick, fill out those last categories in your office pool! To further prepare, you can spend tomorrow cramming in as many of the nominees as possible. True completists should head to the Varsity and check out the nominated animated and live action shorts, while those with some serious catching up to do should head down to the AMC Kent Station (a snazzy new theater in Kent's version of U Village) and catch all five nominated films in a row. For only $30, you get a free large popcorn and large drink (with unlimited refills!) Babel at 11am, The Queen at 1:45pm, The Departed at 3:45pm, Letters from Iwo Jima at 7pm and Little Miss Sunshine at 9:45pm (at least that's the order on AMC's website, I don't know if it varies locally). If you'll be spending Saturday frantically cleaning your home in party preparation and you have digital cable or other fancy tv means, tune into the (Independent) Spirit Awards on IFC at 2pm PST and catch what might be your only chance to see Ryan Gosling give an accpetance speech. For those of you with regular cable, AMC is broadcasting them at 10pm PST that night. Don't forget to stay off the Internet(s) between 2 and 10 if you don't want spoilers (and you should probably avert your eyes from E! or any news channel scrolls too). As for the actual event, I'm torn. Everything but Best Picture looks like a sure bet and therefore it could be a snoozy night. But there's always that chance for a major upset...and that's why I'm addicted. Good luck to James Longley. John Sinno and all at Typecast for Iraq in Fragments, Children of Men and Ellen, who I'm sure will hold it all together nicely. Any last minute thoughts? Predictions? Dreams you're daring to dream? Please post here and share. On a side note, I just watched the Marky Mark "Good Vibrations" video on YouTube. Man, those were the days. Sorry, Mr. Wahlberg, I know you don't like people bringing it up...