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Did you see INGLORIOUS BASTERDS yet? Several staffers did in the wee hours of the morning. We look forward to a day full of discussion and debates--meanwhile those of us who haven't watched it yet will avoid spoilers by plugging up our ears and loudly singing "Son of a Preacher Man." Once you've seen Tarantino's long-awaited film, here's some other theatrical viewing opportunites for the weekend: TONIGHT (Friday) there's 9 TO 5 at Cal Anderson Park courtesy of Three Dollar Bill Cinema. On Saturday night you can see E.T. at Fremont Outdoor Movies (come early for the Scarecrow-generated trivia) and IRON MAN under the Space Needle at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater. You should also head to Grand Illusion Cinema for the incredible FIVE BY SCORSESE, a collection of his rare, early short films. And if you missed Doug Pray's ART & COPY at SIFF, it opens today at Northwest Film Forum. Pray (director of SCRATCH and HYPE!) delievers an interesting look at the history of advertising agencies and the stories behind such pervasive campaigns as "Just Do It" and "Got Milk?" You might want to make it a double feature with a season or two of MAD MEN. Of course, you can always stop by Scarecrow to fulfill all your movie watching cravings. Check out our list of films to go along with INGLORIOUS BASTERDS over at Seattle Times, or go through the suggestions listed here.