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Games to play only at Scarecrow Video

With our massive collection, it might be overwhelming to choose a movie if you just came in to browse. If you like to be adventurous in your movie choosing, it might help to narrow down (and discover glorious findings!) if you open your mind and have some fun in your search for movie watching entertainment! It's like magical movie treasure hunting! Here I've come up with ten different games that you can play on your own, or with friends and family! PICK A WORD/SEARCH--Pull a random word out of a hat. Using one of our 2 customer search stations, put that word into the search field and click the 'contains' button next to it. Every movie with that word in the title will come up. Choose a movie only from that list! A good example is words like "don't" that will come up with a lot of stalker movies that are obviously warning you of the horror (and fun) to come! Another way to narrow down your search for something interesting is playing a game aptly titled VHS ONLY!, where, as the title suggests, you may only pick something to rent on VHS! Skim past all those DVDs and find a gem that time may have forgotten. Alternate 'ONLY' games: LASERDISC ONLY! R.I.P./SPOTLIGHT SECTIONS ONLY! $3 MOVIES ONLY! (kids section, second take and movies that are under 60 minutes are all $3!) Room Hunt!--Bring friends/family/people you met on the internet. Assign each comrade to a different room or area in the store. Give yourself an allotted amount of time (2-5 minutes? the key here is frantic speed browsing!) to search your assigned room. Everyone meet back at meeting point. Who found the most interesting looking movie? Compare, decide, rent! To add some competitive spice, the person with the worst-looking rejected movie has to pay for the winning pick! Weird Movie Review--Maybe you are an avid blogger, and like to start conversations on the internet about exciting findings. What is more exciting than seeing a movie that NO ONE else has seen?? If this sounds up your alley, check out our Missed Connections & New to Store sections! Missed Connections is a section of movies that are changed out periodically that have NEVER rented. We have so many movies, it is understandable that some get looked over. New to Store is our section where we acquire movies from all sorts of places that have just arrived! Watch any of these and you might just be the first to see this movie other than the ones who made it! Write reviews of your findings online, and you could be the shining star of the internet! You'll be brimming with useful(/useless) information about rare movies and known as a real connoisseur of the "lesser known" arts! This can only be done at Scarecrow Video (you're welcome, rare movie internet blogger)! Accept a Staff Recommendation game--Seriously, just ask us to tell you what to watch and then rent it no matter what. We know what we're talking about. I'm sure many of you college kids have already tried this game, but for those of you who usually rent "uppity" films, try lowering your taste for a game I like to call Bad Movie Challenge!! This can be played with any sort of genre, but the best gems you will find in the Pyschotronic Room! Narrow it down to anything from the 80s, and you have yourself a LOL fest. Movies that try to take themselves seriously with bad to no plot line and awful acting can be more entertaining than any film directed by Capra or Kurosawa! See how Awesomely bad you can get! Best played with a group of friends (and maybe some alcohol for those movies that can get painfully bad). After tolerating pure trash, you will really appreciate those well-made movies, and learn a little about what makes a movie bad or good! let it be a lesson in film (or just a fun movie night)! Judge the Movie by its Cover--a simple game of picking up a movie based on it's cover. But don't read the back! Sometimes movies have terrible covers, but it may not really be all that bad. It really is a surprise, you never know what's inside! (but it's the inside that counts most anyway, right folks?) Yeah, yeah the economy is bad, everyone's trying to save money. One way to travel without spending more than $4.50 is to check out our Travel section! Vacation Movie game! Pick a movie about a country in our Documentary room and then head down to our Foreign movie hallway and search for a movie in that same country's section you want to "travel" to! Learn a little about the world, be entertained, listen to another language, explore other cultures! And you're saving a ton! See Seoul and then see how Seoul makes a comedy! Compare and contrast. Paper due Friday. Own & Rent-- a simple "game" (this is just what we do here) where you buy a new movie from Scarecrow and you get a free rental credit with it! Keep a movie, borrow another! (doesn't apply to used sales, special orders or closeout movies) And for our finale game--the intense, one and only--2-4-1 WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE! There are so many games to play on Wednesday because you rent one movie, you get another FREE! up to 10 (equal or lesser value, no new release pairs (new release and anything else okay!))! Wednesday is also the busiest, so part of the challenge is maneuvering and getting the movie you want before someone else does! The combo games are endless! Some ideas for 2-4-1 games are: --Elaborate Themed rental combo! Example: "You wanna be a star, doncha?" includes movies about people who will do anything to make it big in Hollywood! (Star 80, Quiet Days in Hollywood, the Heidi Fleiss Story, etc) --Double Feature Pairs! Example: Movies you might find paired together at a Drive-in! Maybe two movies with the same Actor? Or maybe two movies with a common theme or object in both! --Original/Remake combos! Example: Death Race 2000 and Death Race! or Howard Hawks' The Thing (1951) and John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)! Do you know how many remakes there are? Don't forget Foreign movie originals with American Remakes! (My Sassy Girl Korea and My Sassy Girl USA!) The possibilities are literally endless with our selection. That is what makes the games fun. All too often I overhear "I don't know what to geeeettt". Try out one of these rental games and you might find your new favorite movie, or maybe the worst movie of all time--but it might make for great conversation. Take a chance! Have some fun! You can't do these games anywhere but Scarecrow Video!