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Urgh! A Music War

Warning: The following post contains many exclamation points. A long time ago, back before the cable network in my home town picked up MTV, there was a show on the USA network called Night Flight. Every weekend Night Flight featured an ongoing parade of bizarre films, strange cartoons, and music videos. One of the films they showed regularly was Urgh! A Music War. Recorded in England in 1980 Urgh! showcased the punk, new wave and post-punk acts of the time, and it was (and still is) awesome! I don't know how often I rented Scarecrow's beaten up old VHS, but I've seen the movie at least 20 times, and I sure didn't get it at Blockbuster! The movie includes great stuff like Devo performing Uncontrollable Urge, The Police before Sting was sensitive, XTC, The Go-Go's when they were young and adorably slutty, The Dead Kennedys, Joan Jett, the Cramps, Klaus Nomi, and my personal favorite Gary Numan in a go-kart. Urgh! Has been shown on TV a few times, but has only been available on grainy VHS, until now! This very morning, Scarecrow received a limited number of copies of Urgh! on DVD (from our beloved Warner Archives) We've got it for rent and for sale, and you really NEED to see and own it ! urgh