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Things to do this weekend...

--Tonight, that's Friday, February 9th, the Northwest Film Forum is playing The Guatemalan Handshake, a quirky tale of loss and love (the NWFF describes it as Napolean Dynamite meets Gummo) starring Will Oldham. It plays at 7pm and 9pm, with director Todd Rohal in attendance. And after the 9pm show, you can enjoy the fine musical stylings of KEEPING SCORE panelist/film composer David Wingo. The Guatemalan Handshake is also showing Saturday, with Kimya Dawson (from Moldy Peaches) playing afterwards. The film runs Friday-Thursday until the 15th, so check it out! You can find out more details here, hear some of Mr. Wingo's band Ola Podrida here and enjoy Ms. Dawson's music here. --The Grand Illusion Cinema has the beautiful 35mm print of Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain at 6:30pm and 8:45pm, with shows at 4pm on Saturday and Sunday and 11pm on Friday and Saturday. If you've never experienced a Jodorowsky film before, seeing Holy Mountain on a big screen with a new beautiful print won't disappoint. See Laird's excellent post in this blog for more, and check out the GI's site here for details. --For those of us deep into the Oscar countdown, the Varsity will be showing Iraq in Fragments, local filmmaker James Longley's documentary about post-invasion Iraqi life that's nominated for Best Documentary. It's playing Friday (tonight!) at 7:10pm and 9:30pm, with Mr. Longley in attendance. Producer John Sinno will be in attendance at Saturday and Sunday's screenings. Details on this powerful film can be found here, and movie times can be found in any number of papers about town.