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Anime Spotlight Presents: Leiji Matsumoto!

[caption id="" width="300" caption="Matsumoto, all around cool guy"]Matsumoto, all around cool guy[/caption] Located under the 'New Anime' section, 'Anime Spotlight' aims to collect and gather themed anime that one might otherwise look over (happens easily in our vast collection) or not know about. Most of all to hopefully bring awareness and spark interest in n00bz who are unfamiliar with the Japanese cartoon imports. Many of whom are only scratching the surface with Miyazaki films such as Spirited Away. People! There are many more interesting and great anime films and series out there besides those distributed by Disney Studios! This month is focused on bringing your attention to the awesome and unique style of anime and manga creator Leiji Matsumoto! Infamously known for creating beautiful and tradegic 'Space Operas', such as Star Blazers, or that handsome character, Space Pirate Captain Harlock! Have you by chance seen Daft Punk's animated music feature 'Interstella 5555'? That is the genius of Matsumoto, my friends!