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This Thursday, February 8th, the Northwest Film Forum kicks off their KEEPING SCORE series exploring the art of film music and the cinema's greatest scores. At 8pm, there will be a film music panel featuring the friendly and talented composers Steve Fisk (Kurt Cobain: About A Son), Stephen Cavit (Chuck &Buck) and David Wingo (All The Real Girls). The sure to be informative and insightful discussion will be followed by a social hour, so be prepared to hobnob. KEEPING SCORE will continue with films by three legendary composers: Bernard Herrmann, Michel Legrand, and the soon-to-be-awarded-an-Honorary-Oscar Ennio Morricone, running from February 14th to March 1st. You can find all the details here. I think snuggling up with your sweetie and watching Vertigo is an excellent way to spend Valentine's Day.