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Remembraces of John Hughes

It's been almost a week since John Hughes died suddenly of a heart attack. When a friend told me the news, the first thought to break through the shock was of Molly Ringwald. I couldn't even imagine what she and the other stars of his seminal films were feeling. So I was grateful this morning when Scarecrow Video Movie Guide contributor and friend-of-the-store Trevor sent me a wonderful New York Times op-ed piece she wrote remembering Hughes. Please check it out here. My next thought that day was just sadness, mourning the man who created my favorite character in teen filmdom: Pretty in Pink's Duckie: Not long ago I was aimlessly changing channels and stumbled upon the People's Choice Awards. Two and a Half Men had just won something and before Jon Cryer could speak, someone in the audience yelled out "DUCKIE!!" He replied, "Cool, you saw that movie!" in a way that implied he's had that screamed at him five times a day since 1986. Sorry, Mr. Cryer. I can't imagine it's easy to be pined after by an entire generation. It's been linked to from pretty much everywhere by now but in case you missed it, here's an extraordinary blog entry from a fan who one night wrote John Hughes a fan letter and ended up corresponding with him for about two years. In the latest episode of the MacGuffin podcast, Spencer and Adler & Zenith's John Portanova start off with a tribute to the man the IMDb called "The Bard of Teen Angst." It's kind of a cheesy title, but we can't argue it doesn't fit. Thank you, Mr. Hughes. prettyinpink The John Hughes special rental section is located on the shelves at the front of the store.