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Starter for 10 screening

If you saw Last King of Scotland and wondered, "who's that nice looking Scottish man?", he's James McAvoy. In addition to his wonderful performance as an idealistic young doctor who gets seduced into Idi Amin's abhorrent circle of corruption, he also played the Faun in The Chronicles of Narnia and was in Stephen Fry's Bright Young Things. His latest film is called Starter for 10, in which he plays a young college student who focuses solely on getting on to the British TV quiz show "Univerisity Challenge," getting distracted by ladies and the usual coming-of-age issues along the way. Since it takes place in the 80s, there's a time-appropriate British soundtrack, including New Order and The Cure. So if you like trivia, good music, and Thatcher-era politics, CampusCircle.Net is having a FREE screening on Wednesday, February 7th. You can find out all the details at