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New Releases for the week of August 11th

A reminder before we start the list: Please head here to donate to Northwest Film Forum. And now, here's what's new this week: THE CLASS*-French writer/journalist/teacher Francois Begaudeau stars in the Oscar-nominated film version of his memoir chronicling a challenging year teaching in a tough Parisian high school. We have it for sale over here. I LOVE YOU, MAN*-I hate to use the term "bromance" but that's pretty much how this film plays out; there's even an awkward "stop the wedding ceremony!" speech between two guys (One staffer wants to know why this always seems to happen in movies, yet in real life there's no possible way anyone would let it happen. Your thoughts?). Paul Rudd is a real estate agent who's about to get married (to the lovely Rashida Jones) and needs a best man. Enter Jason Segel, who woos Rudd with frank man-talk and jam sessions covering three fourths of Rush's catalog. The cast makes the relatively ho-hum script funnier than it deserves to be, including Jon Faverau and Jamie Pressly as a constantly bickering married couple, Jane Curtain and J.K. Simmons as Rudd's parents, and Thomas Lennon as one of Rudd's rejected potential friends. 17 AGAIN*-Divorced dad Matthew Perry laments how his life turned out and wishes he could somehow go back and do it all over again. Then through the power of movie magic he wakes up and BOOM! He's ZAC EFRON!!!! Awkward interactions with his kids and ex-wife ensue, and presumably some lessons about life and love. Aww...Make it a double feature with 18 Again! starring George Burns and Charlie Schlatter (The TV version of Ferris Bueller ): LIFE & TIMES OF VIVIENNE VYLE-A darkly comic and satirical Brit series that skewers the world of daytime TV. Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders is Vivienne Vyle, a talk show host not above resorting to sleazy tactics to spur her guests into a frenzy for the resulting ratings surge. Miranda Richardson also stars as her crazed producer. GRINDHOUSE GIRLS OF THE 1970s COLLECTION-Four sleazerific movies: Girls Of Paris, Trapped In The House, Daisy Does Hollywood and Big Beaver Splits The Scene. FIERCE LIGHT: WHEN SPIRIT MEETS ACTION-Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper spotlights the growing spiritual activism movement, featuring interviews with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Alice Walker and Thich Nhat Hanh. Find out more here. KING EAGLE-Classic martial arts action from the Shaw Brothers and director Cheh Chang, starring Ti Lung as a lone swordsman caught between two warring clans in medieval China. EAGLES OVER LONDON-Inglorious Bastards director Enzo Castellari delivers an explosive WWII saga following two military officers (Van Johnson and Frederick Stafford) through the streets of London in pursuit of a deadly gang of Nazis. LONDON TO BRIGHTON-Gritty Brit drama following a prostitute and a preteen girl on the run from a ruthless pimp. ALIEN TRESPASS-An homage to cheesy '50s sci-fi, with Eric McCormack (Will of Will & Grace) as a scientist "invaded" by the aliens and Dan Lauria (the dad from The Wonder Years) and Robert Patrick (the badass Terminator from T2: Judgement Day) as cops trying to stop the extraterrestrial menace. ART OF WAR III: RETRIBUTION-For information about this film, we refer you to a trusted critic well versed in straight-to-video sequels. KATYN-Andrzej Wajda's powerful look at the 1940 massacre of Polish troops in the Katyn Forest finally gets a domestic DVD release. D.W. GRIFFITH: DIRECTOR VOL. 6-Nine films from the early master of cinema, including Sorrows of the Unfaithful and House with Closed Shutters. SUPER FRIENDS: THE LOST EPISODES-Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE! OLIVIA-Nickelodeon's animated show based on children's book series about the imaginative adventures of a pre-school pig. DELGO-Animated fantasy family fare, featuring the voices of Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Freddie Prinze, Jr, Val Kilmer, Burt Reynolds and the late Anne Bancroft. NEW FAMILY FILMS Adventures of Black Beauty: Season 2 Animated Family Adventures Bracelet of Bordeaux Donkey X Gooby Johnny Test: Johnny X and Super Pooch Mr. Troop Mom Sid The Kid: Change Happens & The Bug Club Super Why: Jack and The Beanstalk Veritas: Prince of Truth NEW ANIME Ah My Buddha Vol. 4 Darker Than Black Vol. 6 Genshiken 2 Vol. 1: Full Circle Hunter X Hunter Vol. 3 Moribito: Guardian of The Spirit: Vol. 5 Romeo X Juliet (Juliet Collection, Eps. 13-24) NEW BLU-RAY Bad Boy Bubby Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (!!!) The Deep (1977) Edge Of Love The Great Buck Howard Grumpy Old Men I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Jamiraquai: Live at Montreux Miss March (Unrated & R-Rated) NOVA: Incredible Journey of the Butterflies Prison Break: The Final Break NEW TV ON DVD Adam-12: Season 3 America's Test Kitchen: Season 9 Lockup: Raw Season 1 Marple (2004) Season 4 Vol. 1: A Pocket Full of Rye Marple (2004) Season 4 Vol. 2: Murder Is Easy Marple (2004) Season 4 Vol. 3: They Do It With Mirrors Marple (2004) Season 4 Vol. 4: Why Didn't They Ask Evans? Midsomer Murders Season 10 Episode 1 Dance With The Dead Midsomer Murders Season 10 Episode 2: Animal Within Midsomer Murders Season 10 Episode 3: King's Crystal Midsomer Murders Season 10 Episode 4: Axeman Cometh Pulling: Season 2 (UK series The Guardian calls "The Anti Sex & The City" ) Ruby: Season 1 Favorite Episodes NEW FOREIGN FILMS & IMPORTS Almost Heaven (2006, Canada) Arizona Colt Returns (1970, Italy, directed by Sergio Martino) Born in '68 (2008, France) Chamber of Death (2007, France) Four Windows (2005, Germany) Invisible (2005, France) Ma Saison Super 8 (2005, France) Machine Girl: Remix (includes the short sequel Machine Girl Lite) (2008, Japan) No Matter What (2008, China) One Day You'll Understand (2008, France, directed by Amos Gitai) Paris 36 (2008, France) Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl (2005, Ireland) Roselyn and the Lions (2007, France, directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix) Samurai I Loved (2005, Japan) Spring of Life (2000, Czech Republic) Tale of Sorrow (1977, Japan, directed by Seijun Suzuki) Wolfhound (2006, Russia) NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & SHORT & EXPERIMENTAL FILMS New docs. from the Smithsonian: Big Blue Pandas In The Wild Sky View Wanted: Anaconda And... L'Ange (experimental film from France) Appointments of Dennis Jennings (short films) Biodemocracy: Making a Difference Patrick Bokanowski: Short Films Brian Sewell's Grand Tour of Italy Cascadia: The Hidden Fire Fire Mountains of the West: Cascade Volcanoes First Basket (doc. on the early days of the Basketball Association of America (formed in 1946) and its players, the majority of whom were Jewish.) Hallowed Ground (doc. about oversees military cemeteries) Jesus In India Quincy Jones: 75th Birthday Celebration Krakatoa Moonwalking: The True Story of Michael Jackson Natl. Geo: Sea Monsters-Prehistoric Adventures 3-D* River Ways (Environmental Science doc.) Shape of the World Spirit of Tibet AND MORE NEW STUFF New Silent Films Dangerous Traffic (1926) Family Secret (1924) Heart of a Hero (1916) And... All The Sins of Sodom The Crypt (2009) Dark Rising Disappearing in America Gigantic (2008) Last Resort (2009) Lonely Street (2009) Road Trip: Beer Pong (WHOOOO!!!) Sci-Fi Trash-O-Rama Serious Charge Steppin' Super Capers Tiger's Tail (directed by John Boorman) Wild Man of Navidad (UNRATED Sasquatch movie!) A * means we also have it on Blu-ray in the New Blu-ray section (look just before the New Releases) There's more, including a new batch of Indian films we expect in any moment now, and films of a more adult nature here in the store. Head in out of the drizzle and check 'em out. class