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Where I Waste My Time on the Internets

I would probably post more to this here thingie, if I didn't spend so much time reading other film/dvd websites. Below is a list of my favorites, and other Scarecrow staffers and readers out there should feel free to recommend some others in the comments. DVD Beaver Want to know if the European DVD of Akira Kurosawa's Ran has better subtitles than the Criterion edition? Is the aspect ratio more correct on the new Special Edition of Forbidden Planet when compared to the older? What would a list of lesser known film noir compiled by film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum look like? DVD Beaver is a treasure trove of information, and one of the most valuable consumer websites out there for movie collectors. DVD Times & DavisDVD & The Digital Bits & TVShowsOnDVD Keeping track of all of the press releases and cover art updates for upcoming titles is busy work. You should have your bases pretty much covered if you check any or all of these sites. DVD Times is a UK website, so you'll even get a glance at some PAL Region 2 releases of interest. Twitch Another resource for news of upcoming DVD titles, but this one is skewed specifically toward Asian & cult film releases. I think their editorial writing is absolutely horrid, but they always know when an English subtitle friendly DVD of a major Asian movie is in the works. Worldweird Cinema Scarecrow customer and gift to the internet, Jared is the head honcho of this singular source for news and reviews about genre films from non-English speaking countries, with a fair amount of sleaze thrown in for good measure. Recommended for fans of Mondo Macabro, Jess Franco, and Jodorowsky. He has compiled, perhaps, the most comprehensive release calendar for world cult and sleaze DVD releases. Jim Emerson's Scanners Blog   Seattlite film critic always has unique perspectives and commentary on the world of film and film criticism. Always a pleasure to read. I'm sure I'll think of more later, but this should keep ya'll busy for now.