Scarecrow VideoBlogurn:uuid:63907337-097f-4d6f-aea0-ca1554922e141969-12-31T19:33:34ZCinema Happenings for the week of April 25urn:uuid:093b385a-344b-4bc9-9b9c-1671cbb91e1a1969-12-31T19:33:34ZLet’s all go to the picture show! Here’s a rundown of what’s going on this week with an emphasis on limited runs, revivals, art-house, repertory, festivals and similar fare. SCARECROW VIDEO SCREENING ROOM- Admission is free (but you have to be 21 or over after 3pm) and we sell snacks, beer, coffee, tea and popcorn at VHSpresso to accommodate your viewing needs.   FRIDAY: 8pm SciFi Commons presents Blade Runner SATURDAY: 8pm A very special screening of Killing American Style SUNDAY: 6pm Best of Siff presents The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert MONDAY: 7pm Kevin Clarke’s Music Mayhem Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains TUESDAY: 7pm GeeksWhoDrinkTrivia!   WEDNESDAY: 7:30pm Chris Marker Group (a selection of films make by Mr. Marker) Plus don't forget 2 for 1 Wednesday Rentals.   Here are some cinematic events transpiring around town. Brown Derby kicks off their 2014 series of staged readings of screenplays with The Lost Boys at the Re-bar (May 1st-3rd) The Langston Hughes African American Film Festival starts off Friday night with an opening party and a screening of They Die by Dawn. The fest features over 50 movies and events so there is way too much to list here. Series passes are available but you can buy individual tickets too. Click on the link for details, showtimes, etc.   Opening this Friday at Sundance Cinema is Jodorowsky's Dune, a new documentary chronicling a failed attempt by legendary director Alejandro Jodorowsky to adapt Frank Herbert's novel Dune in the late 70s. The film includes interviews with Jodorowsky himself, now well into his 80s, and he depicts the effort as less a film production and more of a spiritual quest. Featuring tantalizing excerpts from the massive preproduction and design work, compiled into a gigantic 1,000-plus page book that was distributed to major studios at the time, this film isn't so much the story of a film that never got made as it is an ode to the power (and limits) of creativity and art itself. If you're a film fan, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Here's a trailer.   Also at Sundance is Honey, the directorial debut of Valeria Golino. The Varsity is hosting a couple of dance related documentaries: Afternoon of a Faun: Tranquil Le Clercq and Dancing in Jaffa. British “runaway train” thriller Last Passenger opens at The Regal Meridian 16. The Bonebat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival is Saturday afternoon at Central Cinema. Emerald Reels presents a selection of short films from the Experimental Film Fest Portland. This event takes place Wednesday night at West of Lenin. Meaningful Movies brings their regular Friday night screening of documentary films with a social justice bent this week it is The Wisdom to Survive. The 7pm show is at the Keystone Church in Wallingford. The Cinerama has a varied schedule this week with lots of cool stuff on its majestic screen. They’ve got a new documentary about the Seattle Seahawks simply called Super Bowl XLVIII Champions, Saturday afternoon its So Say We All Frak’n Day, a special Battlestar Galactica event with Starbuck and Number 6 (Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer) in attendance. Wednesday brings about the Seattle premiere (co-presented by Northwest Film Forum) of Nothing Against Life followed by a Q&A. Finally, Thursday night kicks off the venues second annual Sci-Fi Film Festival with a bunch of great films and amazing special guests. Click on the link for a full schedule. SIFF CINEMA alert- The National Film Festival for Talented Youth (aka NFFTY) runs through the weekend. Like most film festivals there are too many movies, events and detail to list here so you should hop on over to their website for the full schedule. Tuesday night is a special showing of Not My Life, a documentary about human trafficking. There will be a reception and a panel discussion. Tickets are free but you need to RSVP. THE GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA Has two Cassavetes joints (projected from 35mm prints). It’s Love Streams and Minnie and Moskowitz. Also continuing (and also from 35mm) is Altered States and a limited engagement of Short Peace, a collection of short films from some of Japan’s most preeminent anime directors, Shows through Sunday. Advance tickets are available. May first brings about a single showing of Junk with directors and actors in attendance. The cinema’s showtimes are complicated so click on the cinema’s link for details. At NORTHWEST FILM FORUM  Pulsos Latinos (a film festival of exciting new Hispanic cinema) continues through Saturday. Also showing is La Ultima Pelicula, an homage to Dennis Hopper’s notorious The Last Movie. Red Renewal: Seattle’s Socialist Spring continues with High Rise on Wednesday and May Day at the Film Forum on Thursday. See you at the movies!Spenser Hoytoddorders@scarecrow.comNew Releases for April 22urn:uuid:6a6bce92-7d04-4395-a23c-c4154b96a12a1969-12-31T19:33:34ZHappy Tuesday Everybody! We've got another haul of lovely New Releases for you, as usual, so let's get to it.   BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc 3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory @ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details) SALE = Click this link to purchase select titles from our online store.   First up is the long awaited restored blu-ray release of William Friedkin's under-appreciated masterpiece SORCERER (@ BLU SALE). A remake of Clouzot's film THE WAGES OF FEAR, it stars Roy Scheider as a criminal on the run, hiding out in a miserable South American country. When an oil well explodes a few hundred miles away, he accepts the likely-suicide mission of driving a dilapidated truck full of nitroglycerine through the jungle in order to blow out the fire. This is one of the toughest action films of the 70s, finally available in a lovely new transfer. Do not miss it. Next, the heroes at The Criterion Collection have dug up another rare gem, Don Siegel's RIOT IN CELL BLOCK 11 (@ BLU SALE). Based in part on a true incident, a 1952 riot at Jackson State Prison in Michigan, it's partly an issue-oriented film about the conditions, both physical and psychological, that inmates and officials face. The rest is a crackerjack thriller and a breakout achievement from the man who would later go on to direct DIRTY HARRY and INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. We've also got BIG BAD WOLVES (@ BLU SALE), a blackly comic Israeli revenge thriller about a group of men exacting revenge on a vicious killer of children. When the suspected killer continues to evade capture on legal technicalities, both an arrogant cop and the father of a previous victim take separate paths to get justice...paths that end up converging, of course. Quentin Tarantino named this his favorite film of 2013, and it's easy to see why. As for the rest, don't forget to check out the following: A new ultra-cheap blu-ray of British gangster classic GET CARTER (@ BLU SALE). A new release of Sidney Lumet's holocaust survivor drama THE PAWNBROKER (@ BLU SALE). Joesph Losey's noir STRANGER ON THE PROWL (@ BLU SALE), long thought lost, finally finds a home on disc. Criterion also has Carl Dreyer's 1925 comedy MASTER OF THE HOUSE (@ BLU SALE). Claude Chabrol's favorite detective arrives in the INSPECTOR LAVARDIN COLLECTION (@ BLU SALE). All 53 shorts and one theatrical feature have arrived on MR. MAGOO: THE THEATRICAL COLLECTION (@ SALE). Bettie Page reveals all in the new documentary BETTIE PAGE REVEALS ALL (@ BLU SALE). Also on the documentary front, THE TRIALS OF MUHAMMAD ALI (@ SALE).  And finally, the good folks at Cinema Epoch have released a future trash cinema classic from Amir Shervan, the director of SAMURAI COP. It's called KILLING AMERICAN STYLE. It stars z-grade staple Robert Z'Dar as a vicious criminal on the run from Jim Brown, the cop determined to bring him down. He takes shelter by invading the what turns out to be the home of a kickboxing champion! This is a low-down dirty little ball of sleaze, and not only will we have it here for sale, but we'll be screening it this Saturday at 8pm, FREE in our Screening Room! Make sure you come get a taste!   Here's the full list: Address (2014) Barefoot (2014) Bettie Page Reveals All! @ BLU SALE Big Bad Wolves @ BLU SALE Black Dragon's Revenge / Black Dragon Doctor Who - Story 41: Web of Fear End of Time Exposed / The Visitors (1972) Extraction (2013) Farewell to Fools Hapkido / Lady Whirlwind Inspector Lavardin Collection @ BLU SALE Julie (1990) Killing American Style  Master of the House (1925) (Criterion Collection) @ BLU SALE Pawnbroker @ BLU SALE Riot in Cell Block 11 (Criterion Collection) @ BLU SALE Ripening Seed Seven Warriors Sorcerer (1977) @ BLU SALE Stranger on the Prowl @ BLU SALE Suspect (2013) Torture Chamber (2013) Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story   NEW DOCUMENTARIES Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (American Experience) Crusade in Europe: Complete Series King, Billie Jean (American Masters) New (Incomplete) Complete and Utter History of Britain (PAL / Region 2) Trials of Muhammad Ali @ SALE   NEW WARNER ARCHIVE / MOD Her Cardboard Lover (1942) In Love and War (1958) Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929)   FAMILY NEW RELEASES 1001 Arabian Nights (Mr. Magoo) @ SALE Mr. Magoo: The Theatrical Cartoons 1949-1959 @ SALE     NEW BLU-RAY Alamo Bay Beloved Infidel Broadway Danny Rose Demetrius and the Gladiators Desiree (1954) Disappearance (1977) Experiment in Terror Get Carter (1971) @ BLU SALE Mindwarp (Uncut Version) Only Game in Town Other (1972) Pony Soldier Wild at Heart (Special Edition)   That about does it for this week's stack of new stuff! We'll be back next week with another haul. Until then, happy buying, renting, and browsing, and remember: Scarecrow Video can't survive without YOU.    Matt Lynchleevancleef@gmail.comBEST SELLERS: April 17, 2014urn:uuid:eb23e6b1-b860-4776-95b7-79277354ea231969-12-31T19:33:34ZAll items available in our store and also available online (click for details).  If you have any questions regarding purchasing a film or an existing order, please contact the store at or call (206) 524-8554 between 11am-10pm Pacific time. Persona Combo Ms. 45 BluRay Junk The Freshman Combo The Great Beauty Combo Frozen King of Comedy BluRay Wolf of Wall Street Combo The Swimmer Combo King Kong Escapes BluRay The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Combo Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 29 Cry Danger BluRay Double Indemnity BluRay A Field In Englad BluRay Frozen Combo Slumber Party Massacre BluRay King Kong Vs. Godzilla BluRay Touch of Evil BluRaySpenser Hoytoddorders@scarecrow.comCinema Happenings for the week of April 18urn:uuid:fcbb2173-019d-45bd-89ad-396a778b70531969-12-31T19:33:34ZHey everybody, it’s another great week for movies in the Jet City. There is a dog choking motherload of events transpiring so get on up and hit the cinemas. Maybe you want to hit up Sakura-Con (if you do stop by the Scarecrow booth and say hi!) and do some movies too. Enough of this palaver, let’s get the show on the road and start with US! SCARECROW VIDEO SCREENING ROOM- Admission is free (but you have to be 21 or over after 3pm) and we sell snacks, beer, coffee, tea and popcorn at VHSpresso to accommodate your viewing needs.   FRIDAY: 8pm Guinevere Turner is at SIFF so we’re showing American Psycho SATURDAY: 8pm Saturday Night Fright Hole with Psychopath SUNDAY: Happy 4/20 its 2pm Reefer Madness & 6pm Blood Freak MONDAY: 7pm Kevin Clarke’s Music Mayhem This Is Spinal Tap TUESDAY: 7pm GeeksWhoDrinkTrivia!   WEDNESDAY: 7pm Men on a Mission with Heroes Shed No Tears THURSDAY: 7pm Freaks Plus don't forget 2 for 1 Wednesday Rentals. THE GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA We’ve made it this far so it is time to talk about penises and here’s a documentary about the world’s only penis museum The Final Member. Also showing is a 35mm print of Altered States and if your mind ain’t blown yet Scarecrow Video is teaming up with the GI to bring you THIS IS YOUR VCR ON DRUGS, a far out compilation of material collected from the store’s drug section sourced purely from videotape. There is only one showing Sunday at 8:30pm and will sell out. Advance tickets are available. Finally on Thursday starts a three-day special engagement of Short Peace, a collection of short films from some of Japan’s most preeminent anime directors. Advance tickets are available. The cinema’s showtimes are complicated so click on the cinema’s link for details. As usual there’s a bunch of cool stuff happening at NORTHWEST FILM FORUM including the opening of Pulsos Latinos a film festival of exciting new Hispanic cinema. Series passes are available. There is a bunch of great films showing so click on the link for details and showtimes. Also happening: The Unity of All Things, a new globe-trotting experimental film (the directors will be in attendance), Rene Laloux’s trippy animated film Fantastic Planet shows on 4/20 (with an after-party), Norman Jewison’s The Thomas Crown Affair shows on Monday, Red Renewal: Seattle’s Socialist Spring continues with Salt of the Earth and A Report on the Party and the Guests. Finally, the week concludes with a new quarterly showcase of music videos called VideOasis. SIFF CINEMA alert- Guinevere Turner is in the house! Friday night it’s a special 20th Anniversary screening of Go Fish and a workshop! There’s also a weeklong fest of Big Screen Musicals with a very diverse lineup ranging from classics like Singin’ In The Rain to punchlines like Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo. Click on the link for films, showtimes and other details. Also showing is the intriguing new documentary The Galapagos Affair, a special screening of Love and Air Sex with the director in person, as well as an air sex demonstration. As a bonus the proceedings are going to be moderated by Scarecrow pal Lynn Shelton. Wednesday brings about a free screening of Ade Adepitan: Journey Of My Lifetime. You read it correctly, the screening is free but you need to RSVP. The week culminates with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival Thursday night. The cinema has some other on-going films running so click on their link to learn more. Other events include STIFF’s Red Carpet Party that celebrates the Seattle True Independent Film Festival which happens on Saturday the 19th. There is also some pretty cool stuff showing around town on a screen or two including: Laura at the Henry Alan Partridge at The Varsity Big Men at Sundance And, lest we forget, Moviecat Trivia Night and Cartoon Happy Hour at Central Cinema Plus don’t forget all the cool stuff you meant to see last week. And by you, I mean me. And you too! Let’s not be overwhelmed. Instead, embrace the cinematic wonder available all over town! See you at the movies!Spenser Hoytoddorders@scarecrow.comTHIS IS YOUR VCR ON DRUGSurn:uuid:3533265d-406a-42e5-bb3c-96c12d0ad6dd1969-12-31T19:33:34ZCome celebrate the most brain chemistry-altering day of the year with this psychedelic journey to the center of your VCR's mind! Featuring drug scares, drug encouragements, weird interludes, bad trips, freak outs, surreal short films and more. All from Scarecrow Video's stash of vintage videotape! Showing Sunday at 8:30 at The Grand Illusion Cinema 4/20/14 Tickets: TrailerSpenser